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coollogo_com-252222217News Flash! Team Impact Qualifies for the Little League World Series 2015! Going to Branson!

Team Impact is a Little League organization that is in the business of teaching our youth the right way to play their chosen sport of Baseball and Softball. Our young boys and girls are taught from the ground up beginning from the age of Tee-Ball through the ranks of High School, College and have the opportunity to fall back upon us in the higher rankings when the need arises.

We are affiliated with the USSSA Little League Organization utilizing USSSA Rules.

The coaching staff here at Team Impact are in the unique position of teaching our player’s the right way to win, to display good sportsmanship, integrity, honor and respect in self, playing the right way, learning from defeat and striving to obtain the highest standard of play on our good days and bad days. Our player’s and coaching staff except and expect nothing but our physical best, but through each practice, games and experiences take on the lessons learned and bounce back to achieve our ultimate goal which is to help our players to achieve their highest athletic goal and highest possible level of play.

Our staff has the highest levels of experience ranging from High School, College and Semi-Pro levels. Our goal at Impact strongly believe in teaching our players and giving them a strong fundamental base that gives them the tools necessary to achieve their dreams. Team ImpactThe Team Impact coaching staff lives by the belief of your child should come and play where winners come to play and firmly believe that to make our players successful we have to be willing to give up sleep. Come play ball the right way The Team Impact way!

Baseball – Tom Henke Pitching Clinic

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